Xorg won't start, synaptics and such are involved

October 11

Hi guys
After todays update and a reboot, I was screwed. Init step 5 is the last sign of life after the boot process, because than there are no ttys and on tt7 is just a rainbow of colors and nothing works. chrooting in the system of an Arch Live CD helped me starting the DE, but without startx nor xinit. slim the login manager is the one who helped me to enter again in the world of Xorg, but why is that so and how can I fix the issue mentioned above?!
Both, xorg as slim are highlighting this in their logs:
Current version of pixman: 0.18.4
Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.x.org
to make sure that you have the latest version.
Markers: (--) probed, (**) from config file, (==) default setting,
(++) from command line, (!!) notice, (II) informational,
(WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.
(==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Sun Oct 24 17:31:14 2010
(==) Using config directory: "/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d"
(EE) Failed to load module "fbdev" (module does not exist, 0)
The XKEYBOARD keymap compiler (xkbcomp) reports:
> Warning: Type "ONE_LEVEL" has 1 levels, but <RALT> has 2 symbols
> Ignoring extra symbols
Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the X server
(EE) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad no synaptics event device found
(EE) Query no Synaptics: 6003C8
(EE) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad Unable to query/initialize Synaptics hardware.
(EE) PreInit failed for input device "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"
Only difference is, that xorg is unable to provide a X and slim seems to not carrying at all about the errors and starts it, but a first restriction that I noticed is that there is no xterm that is able to start. Some sort of log entry:
xterm Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory
get_pty: not enough ptys
xf86-input-synaptics ; xf86-input-evdev ; xf86-input-mouse ; xf86-input-keyboard have all been installed successfully. Before the update everything was working fine, I mean with input devices like TrackPoint (Vertcial & Horizontal), thanks to the 20-thinkpad.conf in xorg.conf.d
Thanks for the upcoming help.



If you use a custom kernel, you'll need to compile your own nvidia modules: http://www.archlinux.org/news.php#238

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