XML in 8.1.6.

October 11

I am trying to install the java classes in an 8.1.6 database (following the instructions of S. Muenches book). I managed to install the xmlparserv2 class, using the file from the JDeveloper disk.
I could not however find the xmlplsql.jar file.
What I did was to take the xmlplsql.jar file from Oracle 9i and try the loadjava statement. The statement seemed to work, but I could not complete the next step which was to execute the load.sql because I can not locate this file.
1. Could you please tell me where to locate the load.sql file
2. Is is okay to use the 9i xdk files in 8.1.6?



Are you trying to use XML PL/SQL Package?
Would you login as sysdba and do the following?
desc xmlparser
Can you see the package? If so, you don't need to load it again, but:
grant execute on xmldom to scott;
grant execute on xmlparser to scott;
grant execute on xslprocessor to scott;
"scott" is user name.
Or for loading PL/SQL package please use:
/bin/xdkload (suggested)
or xdkpkg.sql(including XSU)

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