WRT54GS .. Call of Duty World at War..enabling port forward

November 30

Now i could do with a bit of help here, i contacted the technical support team. I was given the numbers 28960 to enter into the start and end of my port range forward. there was nothing to put in the application column just tick the enable box. But this still did not allow me to play my Call of Duty WaW online. i also changed my ip which caused my whole internet to go down so i had to put the router back to factory setting.Now this morning i had a email which gave me the firmware update ...still no joy ....Also the game does say that they recommend not to use routers, but if you do enable port forwarding.. so now i shall get back to linksys live chat and start again ... If anyone has any idea i would love to here from you ...Many Thanks in Advance



First check if you can play the game when directly connected to the modem. If it works then some ports needs to be opened the router. Get the port information and then open them, for a test purpose enable the DMZ  on router and check if it works.

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