Wont recognize my Ipod classic after plugging in a nano

November 30

I have owned a 120 gb ipod classic for a little over six months now. Last wwok I purchased a 16 gb nano for my girlfriend, we plugged hers in, set up a separate playlist on my itunes account. the problem is that my computer no longer recognizes my ipod in my desktop or itunes? ive reinstalled, reset, changed it to disk mode and connected it to another machine. Any other options I havent tried?



no i can't remember, i did go and restore my computer but nothing changed, i did recently have norton on my computer after down loading something but i didn't need it as i have avg, so i removed it, i just also got rid of malwarebytes, yesterday i did a diognostics test in itunes and the following come up; a secure netwure network could not be established sis 900 pci fast ethernet adpter, also in the device connectivity test under support services; itunes helper is not running and not sure if this is anything but when my computer starts up it has RUNDLL error loading cmicnfg,cpl has this got any thing to do with this.
also thanks very much for you help

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