Windows Vista and Windows 7 random WSAECONNRESET

October 11

Good day, we have this serious problems with every single pc with Vista or 7 (no problems at all with XP): if the user stops working on the SAPGUI for a few seconds, the client crashes with this error...
ALP: connection to partner '' broken
WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer
Component: NI (network interface)
Release: 720
Version: 40
Module: nixxi.cpp
Line: 4970
Method: NiRead: P=; L=
Return Code: -6
System Call: recv
Error No: 10054
Error Text: WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer
Counter: 1
It seems like some sort of timeout or keepalive related problem, and it occurs only on computers with Vista or 7 (actually EVERY computer with Vista or 7).
I already disabled windows firewall, the antivirus, UAC, and modified the registry as per OSS Notes 26086, 155147 and 413330. I tried both with 7.10 and 7.20 versions of the GUI, with latest patch levels. I tried with fixed and dynamic IPs. But nothing seems to work... I'm going mad... any ideas?



try to change the energy options of windows 7. I had a similar problem and this was solved after I stopped my system from energy saving.
Now it will not turn off the network card and my connection to sap will still work.

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