Windows Vista and Windows 7 Only Boots to a black screen with a mouse cursor

October 11

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Only Boots to  a black screen with a mouse cursor after I installed Mcafee Internet Security.
Hi I installed 1of 3 McAfee Internet Security protections on my HP laptop a few weeks ago with no issues. I Have a Dell XPS 420 desk top with Windows Vista operating
system, it’s never had any issues, until 2 nights ago I installed McAfee Internet Security (detected incompatible files and will remove) pc now only boots up to a black screen with a mouse cursor, it will show the windows logo and a hash symbol floating around
the screen. Now 2 weeks ago I installed the same program on my Dell all in one desk top with Windows 7, the same issue happen but that pc has no screen activity, I tried a back to factory reboot on this one, still black screen. 



Please install the compatible version of McAfee Internet Security:
if you have startup issue, you can boot into Safe Mode to uninstall the problematic software to go back into Windows.
Alex Zhao
TechNet Community Support

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