Windows Server 2008 Ent to Windows server 2012 R2 std Migration

November 30

Dear All,
We have windows server 2008 x64 Ent with SP2 it's working fine and perfectly . Presently we implemented new data center also we installed windows server 2012R2 Std . we would like to migrate windows form old data center to new data center .
I would like to tell  you my current setup :
we have  Windows 2008 Ent SP2 server 3 number all are  GC  domain controller it's working perfectly .
IP Address : , ,
we have more than 2000 domain users and PC's all clients PC's are using static IP with domain DNS
My new data center Server windows 2012R2 STD 
Static IP :
Here my doubt :
1. How can we migrate 
2. how can we assign new DNS address to all clients more than 2000 PC's
Please could you tell me best way to solve this issue ..
Best Regards



1 check all old application, server /like old Linux samba, exch2003/ to support 2012 dc
2 all firewall add same rule as old DC /if have domain trust open firewall./
3 prompt to dc and gc the new server
4 check DNS server /DNS forwarder if have/ and AD  logs
5 run BPA for AD and DNS
6 create gpo or startup script to add/change dns settings on client.
sorry my english

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