Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 domain join displays error "Changing the Primary Domain DNS name of this computer to "" failed...."

October 11

Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 domain join displays error "Changing the Primary Domain DNS name of this computer to "" failed...."
DC:windows Server 2008 R2
Domain functional level:Windows Server 2003
When Winxp join domain, have no this error message.
I checked does't work.
There have 3 suggestion in this article:
1.The "Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP" checkbox has been disabled in the IPv4 properties of the computer being joined.
Doesnt's work.
2.Connectivity over UDP port 137 is blocked between client and the helper DC servicing the join operation in the target domain.
On my DC, I run netstat -an, reslut as below:
 UDP       *:*
3.The TCP/IPv4 protocol has been disabled so that the client being joined or the DC in the destination domain targeted by the LDAP BIND is running TCP/IPv6 only.
We are not using IPV6.
This server recently updated from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 R2. Before upgrade, when Win7 and Win2008 join this domain, also have the same error message.
Please help to check this issue.
Thank you very much.
Guo YingHui 



Hi Guo Ying,
I have faced this critical error which makes over-writes the host names in the domain when you join.
For example: Already you had a host name called as in the Domain.
When you try to add the another host name called as PC in the Domain, it doesn't give you the duplicate name error on the network it does over-write the existing host name called as & it will add the new host name into the domain.
Host name which got over-written will get removed from the domain. I faced this issue in my project. My DPM host name got removed from the Domain & new host name got joined into the domain which halted my backups for one day.
Final Resolution is as follows:
You need to start the dns console on the DC & drop down the domain name.
Select the _msdcs when you click on _msdcs it will show the Name Server's list on the right hand side.
You need to add the Domain Naming Master under the _msdcs or add all the domain controllers which you had.
After you add the Name server's try joining the PC OR Laptop to the domain which is successfully joins it.
Anand S
Thanks & Regards Anand Sunka MCSA+CCNA+MCTS

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