Windows 10 Factory Settings/Recovery Partion Question

November 30

I have a question, I upgraded my Aspire E 17 laptop to Windows 10 2 days ago. would there be a way to put my computer back to factory settings with the Acer Recovery Management no longer working. And I noticed that i have a recovery partion that is 14 GB, Would that be Window 10 in the recovery partion or Window 8.1 in that Partion



Hi BookHog92, With regards to the Acer recovery Management, you don't have to worry about it if it's not installed in your laptop or it doesn't like to work anymore; because you still can use the manual option to restart your laptop/computer to the Factory Settings; you can check this link where I did explain before how to fix this problem and for sure it will work for you as it can help all users whose using Windows 8/8.1 & 10 : Click here : How to Reset your Acer Lapotop/Computer to Factory Settings Or by following the instruction below which is almost the same : Step 1: Refresh your desktop and click on : Ctrl+Alt+Del  Step 2: Click on the power button; the menu will show you: Sleep | Restart | Shutdown : You hold the shift button on your keyboard and you press the Restart option and don't release the shift key until it open for you another window.   Step 3: Now you release the shift key and you click on Reset your PC.  Step 4: Now you click next and you will be directed to the same step of choosing which method of reset you want:   After that you choose the fully clean option to reset your PC to the factory settings however make sure before you do all this steps to copy or transfer your files to an external HDD because this operation will erase all you files and data. Best regards, Mehdi --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If i was helpful to you, please give a KUDOS is appreciated and please mark "Accept as Solution", if that solved your problem.
I'm not an Acer employee.

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