Will an unlocked iPhone 5 work on the Verizon network?

November 30

 Will an unlocked iPhone 5 work on the Verizon network? I know this question is probably premature, I don't think apple has mentioned anything about it yet, but I saw that past unlocked iPhones (4 and 4S) would not work on Verizon. I'm a Verizon customer and I want to keep my unlimited data plan, the only way to do this is buy a iPhone at retail, but from what I saw regarding the 4 and 4S I may not be able to do this. I did read that the iPhone 4S is being made in three distinctive models, 1 with a CDMA network and 2 others with varied GSM - LTE networks. I'm hoping this means that an unlocked iPhone 5S can now run on the Verizon network. Any ideas if I'm correct? Thanks. 



Honestly I'm not convinced to jump to sprint so quickly. I am monitoring my data as it is, I'm a heavy data user as I watch a lot of movies from Netflix Hulu plus crackle etc. the flip side of this is that I do most of this on my iPad, which I have currently unlimited data on, so I can still get by without unlimited data on my cell, it's more of me not wanting to lose what I have. But thanks for all the info. I'm secretly hoping that apple has redone the unlocked iPhones but I wont lose any sleep over wishful thinking. I'm just quite anal I guess lol. Thanks again

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