Wi-fi drops after frequently, but shows connected

November 30

Since the time I purchased my iPhone 5s, I have been facing this problem with Wi-fi. The first two times I went to the customer service, I was told it could be a problem with my modem. Even I thought my modem is the problem, but my andriod mobile does not give any issues as such.  The problems I am facing with the Wi-fi is listed below.
1. Wifi shows connected, but actually it is not connected. I have too reset my network connections to use the internet. Even then, after some time it stops working.
2. After resetting my network, it works fine for some time, then it disconnects automatically.
3. The wifi speed is very slow compared to my low end andriod phone also.
4. Because of this, I cannot use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, iPhone AppStore properly. I need to renew lease or rest my network.
I have been to the AASP (Imagine, Forum Mall, Bangalore) three times now and everytime they tell is the problem has been rectified reinstalling the software and tested using multiple wifi networks. All they do is reinstall the software and reset the network. It works fine for a day or two. Then the problem starts again.
Is there a software to identify if the Wi-fi is connected or not (Other then the icon on the home screen). I want to monitor when it drops, so that I can actually report this the customer service, so that they rectify the problem. Reinstalling the OS is not the solution for this, which solves the problem only for a short period of time.



There are some apps that let you check the speed of your Wifi or let you analyze your network connections.
Search for "Wifi finder", "System Status" or similar apps.

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