Why is my iPod touch prompting me to restore to the factory settings? Some of my apps have stopped responding. Is this why? I plugged my iPod touch onto my iTunes account and a message popped up saying that iTunes couldn't read the iPod

October 11

I plugged up my iPod touch to my iTunes library and it said that it couldnt recognize the iPod and the message told me to restore my iPod? Why would it prompt me to restore the factory settings? Also if I restore the iPod will it erase all of my music even though my music is in my library?
Some of my apps stopped working would this be the reason I need to restore my iPod? I am scared to restore the settings and lose all of my music.
I also put all of my apps in the utility folders, would this have anything to do with my iPod needing to be restored?



Becasue something got corrupted on the iPod. It happens sometimes. Just restore the iPod to factory settings/new iPod and then try restoring from your backup.

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