Why do my podcasts keep disappearing from iTunes?

November 30

So I subscribe to a few podcasts, and I've noticed that since the update only the 10 most recent episodes are staying on my computer. The old episodes are still available in my iCloud but I have to waste internet redownloading them, and even when I do that they still seem to disappear. Any idea on how to stop iCloud from messing with my podcasts, or even better turn it off from iTunes entirely?



Same problem. I am a daily Podcasts listener, and podcasts that worked the day before will literally not work the next day.  All the podcasts on my iphone will suddenly be broken. This keeps happening to me, and it's most glaring when I try to resume listening to an episode I listened to half of on the previous day. I suddenly get the error message:
Episode Unavailable: "This episode is temporarily unavailable from [Podcast name]
This started when I got the new Iphone 5s (iOS7) and was forced to switch to using the Podcasts app outside of the Music app.  And now it's happening constantly to my regular podcasts. The listened to status is also sometimes wrong. Podcasts I've already listened to, and in some cases deleted, will show up again as fresh downloads.
I have to remove the corrupted podcasts one by one and download them again manually. 
RIDICULOUS and UNUSABLE. This Podcasts app does not work.

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