Why can I just Install my system as Mac OSX Extended

November 30

yes like my thread says, why can I just choose the option Mac OSX Extended (case-sensitive) when I want to reinstall Leopard? Or is the Option somewhere esle and I can't find it? Because when I want to choose, they are two options, both options are Mac Osx Extended, the other is with an extra option, but I forgot what it was.
I don't want Mac OSX Extended because some games or Apps won't work with it like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Age of Empires 2.
Thank you.



If you mean "why can't I" ... it depends how you're trying to reinstall Leopard. You can only choose the format of the drive when you're doing a clean install (erase and install) which wipes your drive. If you're choosing Install (upgrade from an earlier version) or Archive and Install, you won't get the option to reformat the drive.
If you are indeed trying to clean install, try running Disk Utility from the installation disk first (before you go through the install screens, go to the Utilities menu and run Disk Utility). From there, you can erase and reformat your drive to the format you need ... the options you will have are Mac OS Extended, with or without case-sensitivity and journalling. Hope one of those is the one you want - you didn't mention which you'd prefer.

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