When start rollback segment not online

November 30

hi to all,
i have a one problem regarding rollback segment. i have created a new database & give five rollback segment, but when i start it is offline it will not start as online.
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Pradip Mistry,



Hello Tina,
If the overflow in a DMTS is triggered by a very high value for
NEXT_EXTENT, sometimes you can reduce the NEXT_EXTENT value instead of
extending the tablespace. Of course, the best way is to migrate to Automatic UNDO Management and set retention instead of using rbs, depending on your Oracle version.
If you have access to OSS, please also review OSS note 3155 - Termination due to tablespace overflow, it details the cause and how to avoid that in the future.
You may also review note 3807 for related error messages regarding rollback and undo segments.
Hope this helps, if you found them useful, please do award some points.

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