What is the best way to import a graphic? & How do I create a text frame for a figure caption?

October 11

Hello all! I've been working from the FM book for almost 2 hrs trying to figure this out, so now I need your help. I am almost to this point:
Problem I: Importing a graphic
First of all, which is the best way?
-Insert an anchor frame and then import the graphic into the frame OR
-Just insert the graphic and get the anchor frame by default
Here’s my importing and sizing problem:
I hit ENTER to make a new paragraph line (side note: the book says make a new paragraph by hitting ENTER, import the graphic, and then ESC m+p to shrink wrap so that you can avoid the graphic overlapping the above text. I do exactly this (I believe), but my graphic still overlaps the above text when I shrink wrap. What the...?)
I insert an anchored frame with position Below Current Line and alignment CENTER (I chose to the insert anchor frame, since this way I have control over its alignment, correct?)
Anchor frame is selected when I import my image file
In the Imported Graphic Scaling box, what do I select if my file is HUGE (3072x2304)?
-Fit in selected rectangle (when I choose this the image imports small and fits in the anchored frame with lots of white space around it)
-72 dpi
-75 dpi
-150 dpi
-300 dpi
-Custom dpi: 96 (I’ve tried changing this to a smaller number (20) and I get a message that says “cannot handle a bitmap of that size.”)
I’ve had the best luck with selecting FIT IN SELECTED RECTANGLE, and then I just scale the image with my shift+click. If I choose 72 dpi or Custom, my image imports HUGE, and I just can’t manage it. I don’t have a method for resizing these images outside of FM.
Problem II: Creating a text frame for a caption
Once I have chosen FIT IN SELECTED RECTANGLE, I try to insert a text box underneath the image (and inside the anchor frame) to type a caption in it.
In Create New Text Frame box, the default is Number 1 and Gap 0.25. I click SET.
Next, I double-click inside the text frame to begin typing, but the cursor is OUTSIDE and UNDERNEATH the text frame! What the heck??? I’ve done this before and it has worked just fine. Then I had another problem where when I did get the text inside the text frame, I would select the text frame to move it, and it left the text behind! (I moved the frame but the text was separated from it and left behind.)
THANK YOU in advance for your help. I hope I wrote this out clearly enough. I appreciate those who respond. P.S. I'm in FM 10.



My favorite method is to use a one-cell table for graphics and captions.
Import the graphic by reference into the table cell. Create a "Caption"
paragraph tag and assign it to the table title. (The title can be set
for above or below the table cell. I prefer below.) Now, whenever you
insert this table, it will be ready for graphic and caption. Another
advantage of this method is that graphic and caption always stay
together at page/column breaks.
When you create the table format above, assign it to have a -2.0 space
above. Then, create a paragraph tag, such as "TableAnchor" and assign it
-2.0 pt font size and -2.0 space below. (You can substitute a different
point size, but it must be the same in all three places. The TableAnchor
paragraph will hold the table and these settings let tables fit against
the top margin where necessary. Otherwise, they dip down a bit.
I wrote this from memory, so I hope I remembered all the steps!

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