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October 11

Anyone available this wknd to help me fix up some loose edges on a website I'm trying to build.
I made a template including a navi bar in photoshop, but when transferring to Dreamweaver, i cannot use some of the images on the template as links n others things.



I'm home now, and I just cleared my site in dreamweaver and started over. i pasted the background in the CSS option.  I have a menu code. a drop down roll over menu. I want to put it in dreamweaver. This is the image I'm using as my background and it's positioned nicely in dreamweaver. I want the menu to be a navi bar under the Word Media Flower. How can I make menu bar appear there and where do i input the css code? plkease help. I have a deadline and I have been working on this site for 1 month already. I am sooo rusty. it has been a long time since i've done this. they are not using the tools that come with the hosting site for their web page. please and thank You

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