Videos on 5G 30GB iPod play without sound

November 30

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've been able to upload .mpg (actually they're .m4v, once converted) videos to my iPod, but they all play without sound, even when I turn the volume (and can see the bar moving) up and down.
Actually, I just realized that they don't even play in iTunes 7.01 with sound.
Man, what a complete mess this whole experience has become!!!



Yes, there is a reason, QT won't convert MPEG 1 or 2 and preserve the audio. QT is the converter engine in iTunes. But iTunes will play a lot of video that iPod won't handle. Quicktime can do that, while iPod is capable of only limited file sizes and bitrates. So it is very possible there will be a bunch of iTunes videos you can watch there and not iPod.
1. MPEG Streamclip, open MPEG and export to MPEG-4, press the iPod button (free)
2. iSquint - drag and drop, set to h264 and high quality, press button, also free.
I find iSquint messes up on some MPEGs so I do this - first I do a batch in Streamclip to convert from MPEG to MPEG-4 (not H264 as I want speed and not the quality which I get anyway with high bitrates and no size reduction) but the same size and a high bitrate , that won't play on iPod. Then I throw all those files into iSquint and it "iPod's" them overnight. Makes very good videos in sync and iPod compliant.
Streamclip now has the big (640X480) iPod setting under the convert to MPEG-4 menu so I am going to try that and see if I can skip use of iSquint totally.
In the past at times Streamclip made them a little too high a bitrate. Even on its iPOd setting hence the two step batch process. But batch processing means it works while you sleep so it is a minor irritant.
Note the inability of QT to convert muxed MPEG audio has been a "feature" of QT for a long time so this is nothing new.

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