Videos no longer working on iPod

October 11

I use my 5th gen daily and have several video clips on the iPod that used to play on it without fail, I loaded them once and just left them on. Now, they show up in iTunes but are no longer on the iPod. I convert video clips from this source daily and now none of the new ones will transfer to the iPod either (but will show up in iTunes). I can do the convert to iPod and it works but my question is what changed that I have to convert them twice now?? None of my other video clips are having this problem. I use Videora to convert and have never had problems with it before.



There are some files (such as MPEG-1 and those with muxed audio) that Quicktime has trouble converting. I use iSquint for converting videos for my iPod, and it works great. It's faster than Quicktime, and it's also free!

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