Variant configuration on planned orders, missing dependencies rules

November 30

Dear Gurus,
I`m facing a strange situation here. After MRP run, de material is corrected explode, but is not considering a procedure in a specific dependency rule. Instead of making the correct UoM calculation for convertion, the system is just considering the dimension of the item, and not the formula on the dependency rule.
If I simulate the process under CU50, the explotion works fine, but, on planned order creation, the information is completely wrong.
If does anyone have a clue on this, I`ll be glad to to give some points.
Kind regards to all
Oliver Formicola



Hi Oliver.
where is this OD assigned. Is it on the header level or lower level ? There is a restriction when it comes to MRP.
When you create a planned order (MD11) the items are configured ie object dependencies are run only the ones attached to the items, the od's assigned the profile arenot run. Additionally , please review note 546516 that has explaination on the fields if you are using.
Please provide more explaination if that doesnot help

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