Ups transfer time needed for imac 27

November 30

I have been given the royal run around by Apple "Genius" employees and lied to by Staples techs.
Can anyone tell me the proper UPS to use for an iMac 27?  And please give me the reason why.
I would greatly appreciate the help.



Dear Rkaufmann87,
I have been performing my due diligence for 2 days. Without due diligence, I would not have discovered that iMacs have different power shut down times than other units. It IS Apples duty to inform me of the amount of time in which the computer takes to detect a no power event.  Apple Senior Tech Joe advised me that any UPS which provides a transfer time under 1 second will work appropriately for the iMac 27.  Due diligence also uncovered the fact that APC does not include transfer times in all of its documentation for each UPS unit.  It takes emails to very skilled APC techs to get to the proper answers in that respect.  Thanks for your input.
Former Dell Certified Technician
MIcrosoft Systems Engineer

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