Upgrade Windows Vista 64 to Windows 7 64

November 30

Hi there,
am a proud owner of the MBP17 Unibody and very satisfied.
I installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64 and it runs like a charm, now I want to upgrade to Windows 7, but it says I cannot install it because it cannot access some directory.
Any other tried this already without reinstalling Windows 7?



I would do some checking around the forums before installing Win7 64-bit. I've seen reports that it does not work properly with suggestion to stay with the 32-bit version until Win7 is released and Apple can formally evaluate compatibility. It may simply be that new drivers will be required to establish full 64-bit compatibility.
I've installed the 32-bit public beta and it seems to work just fine on my MBP (same as yours.) However, I did not do an upgrade from Vista.

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