Up-grading to a Core i7-950

November 30

I would like to up-grade my sluggish processor and was wondering if it is possible to install the new i7-950 Intel Processor? If it is possible, how hard would it be? If all it takes is swapping out the processors has anyone tried this and can you notice the difference? I'm worried about all the other components not being able to support the newer processor. I currently have up-graded the RAM to 8GB and the Hard Drive is 500GB hybrid.
Thanks for your help!



Although... while the Core 2 Duo is getting a bit old (with Intel having just released their 2nd generation "i" series mobile processors)... your machine with 8GB of RAM and a Seagate Momentus XT hybird drive shouldn't be "sluggish". Are you running CPU intensive tasks? Just wondering if something else might be going on.

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