Unstable upper and lower pixel row

November 30

Hi there,
When I export I see an unstable upper and lower pixel row. It flickers. Doesn't matter which codec or which player I use (although it is worse in MPEG stream clip player)
I also see it (although somewhat less) in my viewer pane in FCP X environment.
When I watch troublesome video;s on my Macbook Pro It is stable. Nothing's wrong then.
Could it be because I am working on a so calles Hackintosh. Has it something to do with my videocard maybe ( NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2048 MB)? 



SSounds like you're looking at an interlaced format on a computer screen. Interlacing is designed solely for television playback. Don't know where you're trying to go but some formats will deinterlace on export. Otherwise you should edit in a progressive project if you want to remove the interlacing.

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