Text in Elements 9

November 30

How can I make transparent letters on a coloured background in Elements 9?



Hi Mike,
You also said that you will be using various colours to mask the underlying images, so I suggest this procedure which will give you great flexibility:
Create a new image. 
Double-click on the background layer to convert it to a normal layer. 
Use the Horizontal Type Mask to enter your text. 
Hit your Delete key to punch a "hole" in the layer.
Add a Color Fill adjustment layer above.
With the color fill layer active, use Layer...Create Clipping Mask (Ctrl+G) to use the layer with the "hole" as a clipping mask for the layer with the colour:
All the non-transparent pixels in the bottom layer (Layer 0) will be perfectly coloured with the colour fill layer, including the anti-aliased edges:
Save the file as a PSD file to preserve the layers and transparency.  Now, when you want a different colour, it's easy to double-click on the icon for the color fill layer and choose a new colour.   Use File...Save For Web to save the result as PNG-24 image -- the PSD file will remain unaltered so you can easily return to it and change the colour.

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