Syntax error while doing Convert data in LSMW

October 11

Hi experts,
      I am using direct input method for uploading customer master records. After display read data step, when i click Convert data button, i get a runtime error saying that:
      the data object "LEGACY_CUSTOMER_MASTER" has no component called "OLD_CUST_NO", but there is a component called "SAP_CUST_NO".
    But actually we do not need OLD_CUST_NO field, so i did not include it while maintaining source fields. Someone plz help. I urgently need to resolve this.



Hi ,
I think you have declared the filed old_cust_no in the maintain field mapping step may be in global declaration or in the mapping section of hte field. Without the use of filed OLD_CUST_NO you wont get the syntax error. Check the sysntax error in field mapping step and delete the unwanted field.Check the filed mapping section carefully based on the error.

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