SwapDepths not working

November 30

Ok, so I am trying to bring an object to the front of the
screen when it's clicked on by using the following code:
which seemed to be working fine until I spread it across
objects. I have two objects in seperate AS files, ItemGroup and
ItemBox. ItemGroup obviously contains multiple ItemBoxes. ItemGroup
has a movie clip, group_mc, that is passed to all the ItemBoxes and
this is what the ItemBox _mc is a child of. So when I do
_mc._parent from within ItemBox, it's referencing the group_mc
MovieClip that's inside of ItemBox. I thought maybe that's why it
wasn't working, but when I did a trace on
_mc._parent.getNextHighestDepth() from within ItemBox, it traces
fine, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be working in the
swapDepths. Is there any obvious reason why this shouldn't



Still error message,
But  I won't keep bugging you,    Chances are I'm not experienced enough.  I even tried to make the clouds using a tween,   and Guess what?  It worked perfectly.  Of course then my clock timer kept repeating itself at the same time I used to make my clouds loop  instead of going the full 30 min.  ( i used about 600 frames to get the cloud speed i wanted)
I thought the clouds would simply loop for the entire 30 minutes but I guess once again, im missing something.
The Good news is,
I now know how to make a seamless backgroud loop and I now how to make a long clock timer,
I just can't get them to work together.
Thanks for both of you for helping a total noob.
I'll get it someday.

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