Substitution of products in MM

October 11

I want to implement a standard Purchasign process in the food industry. My client is using SAP R/3 4.70 (Enterprise)
This industry is caracterised by product sustitutions - for example, one is buying a bottle of salad-dressing of 1 Liter, but your vendor only has bottles or 2 Liters available. In store, these are two diferent SKUs with diferent Material codes.
Is there an easyway to use product substitution in Pur.Requisitios and/or Purchase Orders in SAP? Without using adicional programing!
Anyone has experience with these kind of situation?
Thanks for any reply.



See attached link:
Since these are complete different materials SAP requires you also register them in this way. Probably these 2 articles have different value and also for stock taking it is important to count them separate. You don't want to mix  2 different articles. If you want, you can create a workaroud by creating an inforecord for the alternative material from the alternative supplier, but for the above mentioned reasons this is not recommended.
I don't know the purpose of this material. Is it a raw material or a trading article?
If it is a raw material I believe you can create an alternative BOM with the 2 liter can, if it is not in stock MRP wil create purchase requisition with this article
If it is a treding material you can use material determination to find an alternative article if the standard material is not in stock. If this alternative is also not in stock   MRP wil create purchase requisition with this article. Dependent on the MRP settings of you material.
Maybe you can also use MPN(Manufacturer Part Number) as a solution.
It's long ago I have been working with MM but hope this reply will help you.
Kind regards,
Benno Mateman

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