Statspack simple question

November 30

Hi all,
I think this is a simple question but new to me.
while configuring statspack on system i found that after running the spcreate.sql package we need to login to sql*plus using perfstat/pwd and then execute statspack.snap. What does this statspack.snap contains. whether it is a package which i can get in any oracle directory or i have to create such file. If i have to create then what will be the content of that.



HI, Ravi,
Question is Simple,.
connected / as sysdba
then I created a tablespace STATS datafile size 60m,
then i connected to sysdba user,.( Note I am already connected to sysdba)
and i try to run the script spcreate.sql,.
it is not happening,.
when i give @e:\oracle\ora90\rdbms\admin\spcreate.sql
if i give this i am not able run the script., after 1 or 2 seconds it will exit from sql mode.,
please guide me wat is the issue.,
tempfile size is 100m,.
Note : I am working all things in sysdba user only,.
: IF A PERFSTAT user is not created how u going to connect as perfstat/password., (Through spcreate.sql)
While u running a script it will create an user perfstat for ur reference., Ravi.,
I think some other issue is there please let us know, What is exact issue,. guide me,.
N Anand
[email protected]

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