Split channel sound after nesting advice please!

October 11

I have a edited seq of which I have nice steroe split sound, one camera track the other lapel mics so
I can easily kill the camera track and just have lapel mic when needed, on both channels etc,
I have nested the seq and the sound on the the new nest is now, still 2 channels bt a more mono mix down ie the lapel and the camera mic have mixed together on the same channel twice,
does anyone know how to in the nested sequence sperate them again so I can have the lapel mics on channel 2 and the camera mic on channel one again please, I have looked at seq settings and changed some things but nothing changed, I also took a look at the audio too, so nothing obvious there,



If your tracks are a stereo pair select them and click "OPTION L" This will unlock the two channels and you can then load them into the viewer and pan one channel to the left and the other to the right using the PAN Slider.

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