South central PA - connectioon has been very brittle since 9-15

November 30

Since 9-15 my connection has been very brittle and the connection won't hold very long. Within the past half hour it started to hold --- so far. On Friday I spent hours talking to India....ERRRRR! Once they got to the point that they wanted me to remove my ethernet card I knew the conversation was over. I kept telling them that the same problem is on 4 computers. From WiFi to ethernet connections. The part that gets us very upset is that nobody at VZ is willing to say...yes there is a problem in your area and we are working on it. I'm shopping for a cable modem router with WiFi and once I purchase by DSL. Four long years of a lot of frustration will be over!



Sorry to hear about your connection. That is something we can help fix. I have sent you a private message to get more information from you.
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