SJSAS 9 and JSF - session expiration

November 30

I'm developing JSF (1.2) application. I'm using SJSAS 9, EJB 3.0 and toplink. My problem is session expiration. When user session expires and then user click for example on Save button on JSF form, application goes to login page, but after login user receive Internal server Error screen. As I see, session expires but after login, POST request is resend but all related objects don't exist any more (NullPointerException occurs in prerender method). Currently I'm redirecting to main page using following code:
public static ExternalContext getExternalContext() {
        return FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext();
getExternalContext().redirect(MAINPAGESTR); try catch block ,in prerender method (JSF). Does anybody knows what should I do?



Have you tried to set a servlet filter to catch the error and build a nicer page?
If you can tell me how to set up a short session expiration time on Tomcat,
I can do the tests.
I am interrested in this issue as I will have to solve it for a project in the
next 2 weeks.

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