Simple servlet help - please

November 30

I am trying to write a simple servlet that based on the client ip redirect to a new page.
I can get the client ip and return it. But what I am not sure how to do next is to take that ip address and search through the text file and return the second field (i.e abc.html)
I have setup a text file that is tab delimmited that looks like the following:
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX abc.html
XXX.XXX.XXX.123 apps/index.html
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



A simple solution:
Format your file correctly and use it as a properties file.(Take a look at the Properties Class: )
To check the values, load your file as a Properties:
  public static final String PATH_OF_THE_FILE = "";
  private Properties props;
    InputStream sFile= null;
      sFile= ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream(PATH_OF_THE_FILE );
      props = new Properties();
    }catch(Throwable t){...}..and ask for the property you need:
String value= props.getProperty(theIP);Another solution would be to load your ip/url pairs into a static HashMap (check HashMap class: )

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