Simple question, updating attributes

November 30

I have simple question. When I update attributes using ActiveSync. I have to submit created events in poll method (resp. processUpdates method). How does the update works, do I have to specify all the attributes or just those which are beeing updated?????
Thank you a lot for answering or leading me where to find answer.



In documenation there is:
Updating the Identity Manager Repository
When an update is received, the adapter uses the IAPI classes, notably IAPIFactory to:
* Collect the changed attributes
* Map the changes to a unique Identity Manager object.
* Update that object with the changed information
Mapping the Changes to the Identity Manager Object
Using the Active Sync event parameter configurator for the resource, IAPIFactory.getIAPI constructs an IAPI object, either IAPIUser or IAPIProcess from a map of changed attributes. If an exclusion rule (iapi_create, iapi_delete, or iapi_update) is configured for the resource, IAPIFactory checks if the account is excluded. If a non-null object is created and returned by the Factory, the adapter can modify the IAPI object (for example, by adding a logger), then submits it.
When the object is submitted, the form associated with the resource is expanded with the object view before the view is checked in. For details on forms and views, see the chapters titled Identity Manager Forms and Identity Manager Views.
In SkeletonActiveSyncResourceAdapter, this process is handled in the buildEvent and processUpdates methods.
... which looks like not all attributes have to be specified but is there any example how object userMap which is passes to event creator looks like?????

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