Simple Question-Deleting Finder Prefs

November 30

I have not been able to shut my macbook down properly. I keep getting the message that "Logout has timed out because Application 'Finder' failed to quit." Someone on the discussion boards suggested deleting the finder prefs and listed:
"Your Account/library/preferences/"
"Your Account/library/preferences/com.sidebarlists.plist"
Following these changes, it was suggested to relaunch the Finder through Force Quit window ...
an to then try logging out ...
My question is how to delete the Finder preferences listed above. I have tried and can not figure it out. Sorry for the simple question. Appreciate the help. Thanks.



Open a Finder window. Under PLACES in the sidebar, there should be a "home" icon with your user name. Click in that. That's "Your Account" from your post.
Now find the folder called "Library." Double-click on it.
Now find "Preferences." Double-click on it.
Now find the file called "" and drag it to the Trash. Do the same with the other file. Empty the Trash.
Then go to the Apple menu and select Force Quit... Select Finder and click on Relaunch button.

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