Simple question about telnet and characters

November 30

Hi all,
We've installed for the first time a SUN machine. So i think it's for a SUN expert a very simple question.
Normally when i type a special character it will be dispayed like " � " [alt+132]
But when i use a telnet session and i type "alt+132" i get a "d" and not "�".
Does someone know where i must start to find out how this works ?
Thanks you very much.



This is probably related to the locale your server is in. I don't remember the default locale a box is installed in if you don't specify. I think its "C". I use the UTF-8 or en_US.ISO8859-1 locales at home. At work, usually C but sometimes applications may require UTF-8. BEA Weblogic required this for a project a while back. This is defined in /etc/init/tz.

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