Simple question about mount and delay script

November 30

Hello, I have a simple question about mounting volumes on start up.
My computer wakes up auto - and then auto there are serveral applescript tasks (mount and start up programs)
I use this script (daily) for serveral connections with external volumes I always need the connect to. ( In the script I use this code 3 times for other locations) I do this on start up.
set Uname to "XXX"
set Pword to "XXX"
set someVolume to "afp://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/XXX/XXX
mount volume someVolume as user name Uname with password Pword
(same code for 2 other locations)
When i do this on start up sometimes the script says there is no connection possible. I guess it's because on start up the connection isn't there. And 1 minute later when computer is total ready the connection is ok. When I run the script then It works. Just sometimes ( In the morning) 'It' want to connect but the script stops. When i do it manually(I run the script again) it works just fine.
Is it possible that I need a delay? Can someone explain this?
How would I make a delay handler for this script? Is that the best solution?
Thanks in advance. This is something small i'm wondering about.



BTW, If you saved the script as an application +(and not as an application bundle)+ you could drop the script on to *Drop Script Backgrounder* (freeware).
Then the script would run in the background, so, you wouldn't see it running in the Finder.

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