Sharepoint 2013 webDAV PROPPATCH fails with status code 409 error every time when trying to set custom property.

November 30

Sharepoint 2013 webDAV PROPPATCH fails with status code 409 error every time, when trying to set custom property.
anyone have any idea



Stumbled upon the resolution myself. The Bean Area item needs to be set to Visible=Yes in the property palette for the bean within Forms Builder, and also the implementation class also in the bean's properties must match exactly the package & class name specified in the PJC (my full implementation class string had to be set to oracle.forms.demos.runApplication).
As this bean has no user interface component, and since the Visible property has to be set to Yes, to avoid having a random square shape for the bean sitting on the form's canvas, I also set the Width and Height properties for the bean to 0.001. This does show a very small dot on the form, but that will be acceptable.
So in summary there has been a change for PJC / Bean Areas between 6i and 10g Forms, in 6i you could have the Bean Item to be set Visible=No, and the SET_CUSTOM_ PROPERTY built-in would work, however in 10g Forms the Bean Item must be set to Visible=Yes for the SET_CUSTOM_PROPERTY built-in to work.

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