Session expires and forwarding emails to recipi...

November 30

Hi  It  seems  similar  problems  are happening.
Composing  an  email  appears  to  function ok  albeit  you  can  see the  screen wanting  to  disappear,but  it  sends ok.
With  regards to  incoming   emails which  you  wish  to  redirect  to  recipients,  this  is  a nightmare.
Firstly, when you  click  on  the "forward"  icon  you can  then add your  email  contacts,and  when finished  you  then  click  send.Session  expired  appears.Sign  in, which  you  do ,and there  is  no  trace of  your  email.Take  a look in drafts  and there  are  all the  emails  which  you  tried  to  send."Click" on  any one  and you  get"unknown subject"
The  whole  process  of  sending has  to  be  done  again  by returning  to  your  original  page  of  emails.
Add  once  again all email  contacts , and  try  to  send  again...."SESSION  EXPIRED"...Totally  frustrated  and  getting  nowhere  except  about  60  emails  to  send  on.....cleared  cookies .....still nothing...



Welcome to the forum. A quick look through this board will reveal many shortcomings with the new BT Mail. Who knows if or when there will be an upgrade and what improvements there mught be? Meanwhile your problem and most others can be overcome by using an email client such as Thunderbird, which is much more user-friendly and safer to boot. If you try it and have no particular reason to prefer webmail the chances are that you'll stick with the client even if BT Mail improves.
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