Session Expired - SessionManager Problem?

November 30

This is a OAS4.0.8.1 problem.
Session Expired message comes when the cartridge times out and exited. However, my servlet have no means to process this exception.
By enabling the logging, the problems seems to be from oracle.oas.session.SessionManager.resumeSession(). Can't find documentation on SessionManager object. How can I control this from my servlet or OAS admin?
The log file shows that resumeSession() causes a SessionNotFoundException under log level 3.
This error can be easily repeated if you access a servlet page, shutdown your servlet cartridge using admin, and refresh the servlet page.
Please help if you know.
THanks :)



OAS has a limitation of 300 seconds. This value cannot be changed. See the release notes.
One possible way to get around this is to use the Oracle Supplied Session class and use the time feature in that.
This a big limitation and I am not sure why Oracle designed the product this way.

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