Session expired, no logout page displayed

November 30

Hi, everyone:
I have been stuck here for a long time. I try to detect session expires and display a logout page.
I tried in the servlet if session.get("username") == null) then forward to logout.jsp, it never reach that page
I also tried using javascript:
var username = <%=session.getAttribute("username")%>
if (nickname == null)
location.href = 'logout.jsp';
if (parent.frames.length != 0) {
top.location.href = 'logout.jsp';
I never reach the logout page, it display a login page by default. I think the session.getAttribute or value is not working because the session is already expired.
It's such a headache, does anyone has the same problem and find the solution.
I guess it may talke more code either in javascript to detect the session or in a servlet, but how to do it especially if the current pages are in a framesets.
Appreciated any code!!



1)Are the managed servers part of a Cluster? If they are not part of a cluster, then the session replication will not work.
2)Deploy the application to cluster NOT to two managed servers
3)Check the cookie settings - name and domain

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