Session Expired Error in Oracle Vision Demo due to absence of a cookie !!

November 30

Hi Folks,
I kept getting the session expired error in Vision Demo even after I had supplied the right user id/password combos. So I set up a on-logon trigger in the APPS schema and it turns out that the Front End JSP page calls the ICX_SEC package.
Herein it refers to the function valiadateSession inside this package. I did some digging around and it turns out that inside this function using the OWA_COOKIE utility the function tries to get the details of a cookie called 'WF_SESSION' and passes this to the Front End.
And this is where it is failing. I checked to see and the return from the OWA_COOKIE.GET('WF_SESSION') does return a value of NUM_VALS=0. So the problem remains that the intial JSP page is unable to either set the cookie or I am reading this all wrong.
Plan to dig deep into this. Meanwhile if anyone has faced this error any helpful tips would be deeply appreciated.
PS: I am new to Oracle Apps and have to learn it in a hurry :(( Sad part is am unable to even get into the Application as of now :P I have installed and am using 11i.8 (11.5.8).



Check your browser settings for accepting cookies from this domain, you must have tried this by now clearing all your browser cache and cookies.
try solutions beacon site where they have Oracle Apps Demo Instances for Public

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