Service cost settlement on AUC

November 30

Hi Experts,
     We have a scenario where we've an Order type PM06 for performing some Improvements projects/Changes into existing process. The settlement of this order type happens on the AUC and finally to fixed asset.
     Now if user want to execute some changes through external vendor's service, how this service cost will be settled to AUC (since this order type is settling to AUC) and finally converted as 'Asset'  ?
Seeking your valuable advise...Thx in advance



Forgot to mention the other thing.
Internal Labor cost can't be settled to AuC or Fixed Asset. Only Primary Cost Element costs can be settled to AuC or Fixed Asset.
So, you need to define Source Structure & Allocation Structure. While doing the TECO of PM Order, based on Actual Cost or other conditions (Business Decision on settlement), user has to select the appropriate Source Structure & Receiver in Settlement rule.
Refer below thread.
PM Order Settlement to Fixed Asset

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