Searching document for Korean text

November 30

I am trying to search Korean PDFs for certain words, but even when I do a search for certain words that I know are in a particular document, a dialog box comes up saying, "Reader has finished searching the document. No matches were found." Why is this, and how do I fix this?
I am using Version 11 of Adobe Reader. I've also tried the search on a trial version of Adobe Acrobat XI but the same thing happens.



Here's a setup similar to Wayne's, but using a different function set.
Here's the formula, followed by a rearrangement, using inserted returns to make the structure more apparent:
=IF(OR(LEN(A)>LEN(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(A),Table 1 :: $A$2,"")),LEN(A)>LEN(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(A),Table 1 :: $B$2,"")),LEN(A)>LEN(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(A),Table 1 :: $C$2,""))),A,"")
LEN(A)>LEN(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(A),Table 1 :: $A$2,"")),
LEN(A)>LEN(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(A),Table 1 :: $B$2,"")),
LEN(A)>LEN(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(A),Table 1 :: $C$2,""))
Easily expanded by adding columns to the Filter table (Table 1), and conditions to the OR list.
Easily changed from 'ANY of the conditions' (as shown) to 'ALL of the conditions' by replacing OR with AND (and noting the 'results' restrictions below).
SUBSTITUTE is case sensitive, so the filter entries must be all lower case. Case in the test string used by SUBSTITUTE is converted to all lower case by the LOWER function. This restriction can be removed by enclosing the filter cell references in a LOWER() statement. (eg. LOWER(Table 1::$A$2)
Results will be unchanged for the OR version if unused filters are left empty (or contain a string that will NOT be found in any of the titles).
Results for the AND version require a string that WILL be fond in all titles in the unused filters (such as a single space).

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