SD Sales BOM and Stock Movement--Help please

November 30

Client is dealing with Value packs. i.e. He creates a finish good by using 2 finish goods as components by creating Sales BOM.
Basic Requirement: To have component level treatment i.e. pricing delivery to be incorporated for components.
Item cat grp selected as LUMF for BOM parent Item in material master.
But the requirement is that stock movements should reflect for both parent as well as BOM materials upon PGI. Header stock is required to check the stock availibity.
By this approach no movements can be seen for parent which will give a wrong picture of the stock positions for Parent Material.
How this can be handled whereby we can see the stock movements for both Parent as well as components.
Please suggest



Please Use Two Different Item Categories and Schedule Line Categories in this Scenarios and Please ensure that both should be relevant for Delivery.
Hope this sloves your Puprose and Please Reward If Really Helpful,
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