Script stops automatically on windows server 2008, IE8 is not launched or it doesn't navigate

November 30

QTP 11.0 - Script stops automatically on windows server 2008, IE8 and works fine on other standalone machines having Windows 7. Pls advise. It is very weird, it suddenly stops launching IE8. Sometimes it launches IE8 but des not navigate from one step to another. I have scheduled it using a vbscript though windows scheduler.  I tired to uninstall QTP, then reinstall, it works fine for first run but stops again.



To Wendy23,
Just for clarity, the Windows Server 2008 OS that I ran ROBOCOPY and XCOPY on was the non-R2 version. Microsoft might have fixed this issue in R2.
You'll probably need to logon as local Administrator or use an account belonging to the local Administrators group.
Also, open the Command Prompt using "Run as Administrator" (right-click on Command Prompt), then run the XCOPY and ROBOCOPY commands from within this prompt.
To answer G.Write, the storage is local hard disks.
Thanks, was a long time ago, I was having a problem with robocopy not copying permissions on a SAN, and was wondering if the SAN was the problem, but your method worked fine for me, thanks.

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