Satellite A500 - Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 error

October 11

I'm trying to upgrade my Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium via the Toshiba Upgrade Assistance so it will automatically download some Toshiba's utilites and software. At the start of launching it, an error message "This model does not support upgrade to Windows 7" at the 'Download Window 7 Component List' step and can't continue. I'm confused as this as the Win7 Upgrade disc that I purchased and recieved at the start of the year from Toshiba website. I have a Satellite A500 that i've purchased late last year. It's not an old model and I believe it was able to upgrade to window 7.
I had managed to do a clean installation once a while back but realised all the Toshiba's things weren't there no more so then I recovered it back to Vista (but instead of the initial 32bit, I've changed it to 64bit). So now it's operating on a 64bit Vista.
I'm not sure if changing it from 32bit to 64bit has anything to do with it or if there's something I need to install before I upgrade....I followed the steps on the Toshiba website to upgrade but stuck at this step. I'm not good with computers so much help would be greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance.



As far as I know with this upgrade kit you can upgrade 32bit and also 64bit system so this is definitely not the problem.
Toshiba upgrade kit has two medias. Upgrade DVD and so called composite disc that contains drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities. Upgrade must be started with this composite disc and not directly with upgrade DVD.
Please start upgrade with software disc and just follow the menu on the screen. It will scan the system and offer the list which software must be removed from the system before upgrade installation can be started.

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