Satellite A200-1N1 - How to activate AGP?

October 11

Help me, please! I speak english very bad.
My notebook: Toshiba Satellite A200-1N1, OS: Vista
My problem: when I open program, message shows up: "*WARNING* +The game may not be consistant because AGP is deactivated. Please activate AGP for consistancy+"
My question: How can I activate AGP?
I'm looking forward your answer... Thank you.



I've never heard of "activate AGP" before so as far as I'm concerned if your video drivers are working and you can watch stuff like DVDs etc then AGP is already activated.
It does sounds like the game you are trying to run isn't compatible with the onboard Intel GMA X3100 which isn't surprising considering Intel do not make powerful gaming cards.
However double check with the game's manufacturer maybe they have bug fixes or updates for your laptop.
Richard S.

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