Satellite A200-17O - How to restore Windows to factory settings?

November 30

I have a Satellite A200-17O. I want to restore Windows Vista to factory settings, I do not need to back up any files. I do not have the Product Recovery CD. When I press F8 and click the "Repair Computer" option, it will give me all the options, but when I click the option to fully recover the system (the one on the bottom), it will simply open up a window telling me to back up my data, then theres an "OK" button, and when I click that, the window will simply close and go back to the options menu. All I want is to get Vista back to Factory settings.
Thank you for your help.



Yes, normally you can restore your notebook back to factory settings using the HDD recovery option. Therefore you should follow the instructions here:
If it doesnt work you have to use the Toshiba recovery disk. If your notebook didnt come with such a recovery disk you have to create it yourself using preinstalled recovery creator tool. This is mentioned in your user manual, have you checked it?
Therefore you need some blank DVDs. I would recommend DVD-R from Verbatim or TDK. Many users here have good experience with these brands.
If you have more questions, just post again! ;)

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