Safari Update pop up! Fake im sure, assist me what to do next.

November 30

Hello, I got a pop up on my ipad that said it was a safari update. without thinking about whether it was fake or not, i just wanted the pop up to go away. It had asked for my mobile number which I will have to input the code I received. So I tried putting in the code and without doubt it fail multiple times after trying. So I just pressed home button and off button to restart the iPad. Now I'm just worried why did it need my phone number. I'm going to clear my iPad cache now.
Guys help me! What's next to be done, and is there anyone else that has this problem before?



ihogg77460 wrote:
I was on my laptop earlier and decided to look up a movie to watch online when my whole screen was taken over with a strange announcement. It stated that my network had been used to send illicit pictures and that my network was now locked until i paid £150, now it said it was from strathclyde police but im pretty sure if they thought i was doing something illegal they would be at my door not asking me for money online so i closed my laptop down and did a restore and it seems fine now but my worry is that someone else might fall for it and pay the money but not very sure what i can do?
This scam is called, amongst other names, the Ukash scam.
You may have stumbled upon a dodgy website, with an exploit, so make sure your system is up to date with the latest OS upatdes and your security systems are also up to date.

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